Primary Sports and Physical Activity

Physical activity allows children to develop physically, become healthier and prepare for psychological challenges. Whether they are competing in a football fixture, taking part in a karate club or physical education lesson, or simply riding a tricycle around the playground, physical activity undoubtedly has a positive impact on children’s lives.


At BIS Hanoi, our children have the opportunity to take part in competitive sporting events, recreational and extra-curricular activities, House Sport events and a new lunchtime sports programme. All of these are designed to maximize student participation and enjoyment, and provide opportunities for children to embrace sportsmanship, develop skills, practice teamwork and meet new students.

Primary sport

We have an inclusive development model, from boys and girls playing at Under 7 level to children playing at Under 11 level, which shows great strength and depth, and highlights the positive team culture amongst our students. Our students have gained valuable experience playing in a number of national and international tournaments against some of the best academies in Asia. Locally, we have achieved some fantastic results against some of the best international schools in Hanoi.

To conclude, we would like to congratulate Saigon, who overcame tough competition to win the Key Stage 2 Multi-Skills House Sports event and we’d also like to wish our two Boys’ Football teams the best of luck in Phuket this weekend, we’re sure they’ll do us proud!

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