The Big Draw 2015

This week the Primary school has taken on many of the features of an artist’s studio!  This has been ‘Big Draw’ week, when children from all around the world take part in a themed project to create their own works of art.  ‘Big Draw’ has been running for many years in UK but this is the first time that Vietnam has been represented in the event.  Another first for BIS Hanoi!


The theme for Big Draw was ‘Our World’.  Children could choose to represent some aspect of our world in any way that was meaningful to them.  Each class had a large canvas to work on, using paint and other materials to create their art work.  Different year groups settled on different themes, which linked very well with their ongoing topic work.  In EYC F1 and F2 chose colours of the world, F3 looked at homes around the world, while in KS1 Year 1 focused on Hanoi and Year 2 our world.   In KS2 Year 3 choose rainforests, Year 4 mountains and volcanoes, Year 5 mythical landscapes and Year 6 under the ocean.

The Big Draw 2015

With the addition of our newly established Primary Art Room children had the ideal space in which to work and every child in every class contributed to the finished project.  A special whole school assembly today gave us the chance to look at and celebrate everyone’s amazing efforts.

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