Focus of the week - Year 1

Term 2 has been an extremely exciting term for Year 1. As the children become more confident in reading and writing they are able to apply these skills across the curriculum.
Participating in special whole school events has provided the children with excellent opportunities to extend their learning.
The most recent event was Science Day. The children were surprised to have the Year 5 teachers teach them for 2 periods! They enjoyed experimenting with and learning about gases. We heard all kinds of stories on our return about inflatable rubber gloves! The children particularly enjoyed a show by Dr. Froth the Bubble Man in the afternoon. Being exciting and motivated to learn is a great starting point.



Another exciting whole school event was International week. 1B enjoyed being visited by Ms Jinny who told them all about South Korea. They asked some excellent questions to further their knowledge whilst also developing their speaking and listening skills. The week culminated in a special assembly and international fair where the children performed very well.


The final whole school event was Road Safety week, when we took part in lots of activities to help us keep safe on the road. Have a look at all the posters that we made. By making them, we had a chance to work as a team, discuss and share ideas. Then we drew together, coloured together and applied our phonic knowledge to write sentences to encourage everybody to STOP-LISTEN-THINK before going across the road. Moreover, some groups made posters to remind people to wear their seat belts when we are in cars or on buses and also to wear a helmet when riding a bike.

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