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ECA Sign up - CHQ Instructions

CHQ – Activities and Sports Online Portal

This system has been set up for you to use on a daily basis to select and track all of your child’s chosen activities. It can be found by going to the school website (www.bishanoi.com) and clicking on the CHQ tab, located in the bottom tool bar of the home page.
Please follow the instructions below to log on and select your desired activities.

Logging on

Log on using your child’s school User name and Password. If your child is in the Primary school, their Password will be their Date of Birth, in the format DDMMYYYY. If your child is in the Secondary school, their Password will be their own personal password.
Primary Example: User name: H00123 Password: 23032007
Secondary Example: User name: H00124 Password: ownpersonalpassword

How to select your child’s activities:

Step 1: Click on My Profile tab.

Step 2: Expand My Activities.

Step 3: Select View/Manage/Submit Activity Choices (2014-2015 Term 3 Saturday School).

Step 4: For each activity/paid club add a different number e.g. Junior Basketball add 1, Guitar add 2 then 3, 4, 5 etc. to all other clubs you would like to participate in. The SAVE button will appear to the right of the activity list click SAVE.

Step 5: Once you're happy with your choices you MUST press the SUBMIT button at the top of the page. You will receive an automated email confirming your club preferences.

Step 6: To cancel a selection after submitting add a 0 to the desired box then save and submit.

Step 7: If you click onto My Schedule after Friday 10th April 2015 you should be able to see your activities by scrolling through to Saturday 16th May 2015 (start of Term 3 activities) you will also receive an email of the clubs you have been accepted into.

Once your selected activities have been approved you will be able to see them by clicking on the on My Profile tab to the right of the Home tab on your page.

CHQ Sign-Up Tips for Parents:

Parents please DO NOT place a number 1 in each club box as this will make your child’s favourite club unclear and as a result your child may miss out on their favourite club/s. Please remember to number all choices from 1 (most important club) to 10 (least favourite club) regardless of the day.

Consider & discuss your choices with your child then click the Submit button. Clicking the Submit button will send your child’s club choices to school.

Please remember that you may choose as many clubs as you wish that fit into your child’s schedule and all clubs are subject to a minimum and maximum limit.

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