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Primary Charity and Community Service

In my role of coordinating the Primary School Council, it has been a pleasure to watch both last year and this year’s Council members rise to the occasion of taking a leadership role within their school. The most prominent way has been in supporting our charitable efforts. As the members of the Council listened, researched and visited various organisations, they passed on their knowledge, care, compassion and enthusiasm to the rest of the Primary School and Early Years children. The wider community in turn put in concerted effort to raise support for each and every charitable cause we sought to support. Here is how Early Years, KS1 and KS2 have supported others over the past few years:

- Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary

– following a visit by last year’s Council members, we donated 10 million VND. We are planning to continue our support this year with another 10 million VND.

- RICE Scholarship Programme

– BIS children collected enough shoe boxes and items to fill them to give about 80 shoe box gifts to children in the north of Vietnam. We also donated 8.5 million VND, enough to sponsor 10 children through the scholarship.


- SOS Children’s Village

– this year the Primary School Council visited the SOS Village Kindergarten to share some art activities with these young children. We are purchasing paint, brushes and paint palettes for the Kindergarten to support the teachers in their endeavours to give the children at the school meaningful and fun art activities. We are also going to sponsor two children who live in the Village by donating about 10 million per child for the year ahead. We hope also to start a program of visits to the Village where children from BIS can share activities with children living in the Village.


- The Philippines and Nepal

- both countries have been through traumatic events recently and it was wonderful to see the younger members of the BIS community rally with everyone else to raise money through the cake sales and donations of money.


Thank you to all who have supported these accomplishments. We aim to support those less fortunate than ourselves but in return the children in our community develop a real awareness of their responsibilities as global citizens and desire to care for others.

Caroline Elliott

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