Year 3 - Life is like a Box of Chocolates!

This term Year 3 have the rather envious Topic and Literacy theme all about the wonderful world of chocolate!

They have already found out that there is more to chocolate than one might expect; how it evolved from a spicy drink made by the Aztecs and Mayans to the sweet creamy bars we all enjoy today. They have discovered how deep in the equatorial jungles the cocoa pods are picked, fermented and dried before being shipped off to huge factories all over the world, such as Cadbury’s in the UK. They have looked at how it is refined and mixed with milk and sugar so when the time comes, children can make their own chocolaty treats!

In order to help with the bake sale raising money for Nepal, all the children in Year 3 got involved in making chocolate cakes. Once all hands were washed, they melted, poured and mixed chocolate and cornflakes to make their own delicious cakes, all for a good cause.

Year 3 has also been taking part in chocolate themed literacy lessons. As part of their persuasive writing topic, the children have been looking at chocolate adverts and identifying how to persuade someone to buy their products. There have been lots of new adjectives to use and the Year 3 has been practising how to put those words into persuasive sentences and catchy slogans.
By the end of the topic, Year 3 will have designed, written about, made (and most likely eaten) their own chocolate creations all in the name of learning!

Sally Harper and Tom Holmes

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