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Science 2014 - 2015

Science has had a busy third year at BIS Hanoi with the arrival of 4 new members of staff, Mr Duckett, Ms Phillips, Mr Westropp and Mr Dunwell , and also with more science laboratories opening to accommodate the increase in student numbers being taught.

Year 6 and KS3 students have continued to be taught the Exploring science course with a strong practical element and were even lucky enough in Years 7 and 8 to see a frog dissection. Year 6 also visited The Aquarium at Time City Mall as part of their classification topic. At KS4 Year 10 have commenced their two year study of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) IGCSE sciences with lessons in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Again the content of the syllabii have being supplemented with such exciting practical work including heart and eye dissections, lung inflation and bread and yoghurt making.

With our examination cohorts we see the school’s second year of entry. The current Year 11 having sat papers leading to awards in either IGCSE Biology, IGCSE Physics IGCSE Co-ordinated sciences or IGCSE Combined science. We have also had our first year through of the CIE International A level in biology, chemistry and physics with Year 12 sitting some of the units. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour when the results come out in August.

Science extra-curricular activities and events have continued to flourish this year. ECAs run by the department include science practical club, engineering club, electronics club, science film club, scientific investigation club and a KS2 science club. We have also extended our frequency of science events over the year as well: a Year 10 house science competition and practical competition against BVIS Hanoi (won by us) in term 1 and during term 2, Science Week to coincide with National Science Week in the UK where the department gave practical demonstration assemblies to both secondary and primary, a KS3 house science quiz was organized and primary made their contribution with ‘WOW SCIENCE’ for the week.

BIS Hanoi Science

BIS Hanoi science

BIS Hanoi science

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