"Everything changes, nothing remains without change"

The Buddha said, ‘Everything changes, nothing remains without change’. This is particularly true with children, who are growing, developing and changing, almost before our eyes. At this time of year, in particular, everyone’s thoughts – students, parents and teachers – start to turn to the changes ahead of us next year.

In August, our youngest children in F1 will no longer be the youngest, and will start to take on responsibility helping their younger peers. F3 will leave the confines of the EYFS unit and have a change of uniform as they step into Year 1. Year 2 will cross the road and join the older Primary children in KS2 in the ‘big’ school and Year 6 will move along the corridor into the Secondary wing of the school, seemingly all very grown up! Over the next few weeks children changing phase will have an opportunity to eat lunch and play with their future peers. They will attend assemblies, have some taster lessons and be prepared to work and think more independently. Importantly, before the end of this term, all children will visit their new classrooms and meet their new teachers.


Change is a constant, and not something to be afraid of, rather to be embraced. After all, if nothing ever changed there’d be no butterflies!

Ms Karen Hanratty - Head of Primary

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