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English as an Additional Language 2014 -2015

Our mission within the Primary EAL department is to develop the English language proficiency of all children. We aim to improve English language skills to ensure children can be successful both within the mainstream curriculum, socially and out of school. Sessions work on a withdrawal basis where small groups of five to six children are taken out of class for English lessons with a focus on developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills used for academic and social purposes.

Children take part in a fun and enjoyable learning experience where they are given opportunities to learn English through practical means such as role play, educational games, visual aids and group discussions. These experiences are designed to build their confidence so that they can participate in all aspects of school life. At the same time, it develops the learning strategies and classroom behaviors necessary for successful academic performance in all classes and provides them with the essential tools to help them become successful later on in life.

BIS Hanoi EAL Primary

BIS Hanoi EAL Primary

BIS Hanoi EAL Primary

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