Focus of the week - Year 6

What a great year it has been in Year 6. The activities started by welcoming parents to the class for shared fun learning activities such as mathematical problems and practical activities. Parents and children also took part in our Learning Insights Day. Both of these special days enabled parents to experience the teaching and activities their children were undertaking in class.

At BIS we believe that learning is about enjoying the learning as much as the learning itself, and throughout the year we have completed some really enjoyable activities such as a visit to Times City Aquarium, the Ethnology Museum and going on an fabulous activity week to Hoi An. Coupled with this, we had many interesting visits from a host of special guests who came to share their knowledge with the children including a guest from Fiji, a marketing specialist and a famous Vietnamese poet.




To round off a truly memorable year and in preparation for next year, the children are joining secondary students at lunch break once a week to give them an opportunity to make new friends. They will also soon be spending a whole day in secondary to give a little taster of how life will be next year.

Mr. Samuel Wilcox - KS2 Coordinator and  

Mr. Ian Stephens - Year 6 Teacher

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