Primary Art

There have been many curriculum developments in the Primary section of the school this year, but one of the most visible has been the growth of the place of art within children’s learning. At the start of the school year we opened a dedicated art room in the Primary wing, where all KS2 classes were timetabled for lessons every week. KS1 classes were also invited to use this teaching space whenever possible. Art lessons became a fixture of all Primary timetables and teachers planned exciting activities for these lessons accordingly. The ‘Big Draw’ event in October also helped to raise the profile of art along with the display of great masterpieces (reproductions naturally!) Art ECAs have also grown in number and range, and have proved popular, being well subscribed every term.


2015-05-26 09.30.23

2015-05-26 09.29.53

Over the course of the year there have been some wonderful displays of art around the school. Year 2 have recently been focusing on the work of Salvador Dali, creating beautiful oil pastels drawings in a similar style and making ‘melting clocks’ from clay. Year 6 spent a half term studying different styles of art including the impressionists, cubism and Japanese print art. Year 5 created some fabulous models earlier in the year as part of their theme on ‘Myths and Legends’ and Year 3 produced some wonderful work on their theme of ‘Rainforests’. Art has become a far more integral part of learning and teaching in all year groups and has added extra richness to the curriculum.

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