Secondary News 4th June

We had another first this week with the Biology AS practical examination. Science practical examinations are an excellent way to assess student’s practical application of science and promote this important aspect of science. Mr Westropp felt the students coped well with this new challenge, helped, of course, by considerable hours of practice.

Years 7 – 10 completed their internal examinations this week. Year 7 and 8 did their assessments in classrooms while Years 9 and 10 did examinations in all written subjects in the auditorium to prepare them for the IGCSE examinations that lie ahead.

We welcomed Aidan Crawley to the school this week. He is the BIS HCMC University and Career counsellor and gave us training on writing recommendations for the US and other countries outside the UK. HE also talked to parents about the university application process. Our current Year 12 started their university research this time last year and Mr Byrne’s comment at the time has definitely come true; “time will go faster than you think”. By November, most of Year 12 will have submitted their applications and many will have started to receive offers.

The Student Council are working hard on their last project of the year – the Secondary Prom. This has become an institution in 3 short years and we look forward to this year event.

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