Physical Education 2014 - 2015

Physical Education is divided between core PE and IGCSE PE. All students from Years 1 - 12 attend two core lessons a week. Students have the chance to choose ICGSE PE in Year 10. With core PE developing this year the focus was on using technology in the classroom. This will be an ongoing development with student portfolios introduced in the next academic year. During the past year students explored using instant feedback with various devices during lessons. This has helped developed a varety of skill sets.

A range of activities were taught to students and the department introduced some new topics for each Key Stage. In Key Stage 1 new topics introduced to the students were: dance, fitness and indoor athletics. In Key Stage 2 new units of work were: volley and wall games and indoor athletics. Developing a game and outdoor education have been introduced in Key Stage 3. In Key Stage 4 and 5 students had the option to be more proactive in their choice of activity. Options were between team sport and individual sports development. In Year 12 the focus was on giving students various ways of being active and healthy in their future. Students had the opportunity to explore various roles in the sporting community by learning the role of the coach as well as the official.

The first IGCSE PE exams took place this year, with final practical assessment for their IGCSE qualifications in February and the written exam in May. It was great to see how the students have developed over the last two years.

The department is very excited to see the subject being more accessible for more students in the future.





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