Learning Support 2015-2016

In Learning Support, we have aided students from Year 1 to Year 11 to progress and develop not only their academic talents but also their social-emotional skills and personal potential to become successful lifelong learners.

The students this year actively participated in consolidating their understanding of English through additional phonics, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, comprehension and writing activities. Through the use of novels and stories, students were able to use context in order to develop their abilities.

Another important aspect covered this year was study skills. The students learnt how to manage their time effectively and revise for examinations. They valued identifying their own learning styles which then helped them to develop effective revision strategies.
Furthermore, students worked to develop their social-emotional skills by engaging in role playing activities, assisted by teacher guided counselling sessions. They enjoyed acting out real-life situations and reflecting on their own behaviour. This helped students develop their empathy for others and understand the importance of taking personal responsibility.

With the use of individual target setting, Learning Support has aided the students to become aware of areas for improvement and guided them in this development. The skills that the students learnt will enable them to increase their independence as they become lifelong learners.

All of the students were committed to excelling and should be proud of their efforts this year.

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