Primary Maths Day

A terrible crime was committed at BIS; Mr and Ms Rowlands’ car was vandalised! Who could do such a terrible thing? Well, that’s what the children had to find out on the Primary Maths Day this week.

After seeing the vandalised car parked outside the main entrance of the school, the children started the day with a real buzz and excitement. Mr Rowlands called an emergency assembly and he was not happy! He demanded that the children find out who the villain was. The children then had to complete a range of activities using different maths skills, including collecting data, problem solving and measuring. These activities resulted in each year group identifying a suspect, which they announced in the final assembly.  If you want to know who committed the crime, ask the children!

Maths Day finished with Sprint Maths. The children were in House Teams answering a range of mathematical questions whilst running around a track. It was great fun and a very exciting way to end a very exciting day!

Mr Thomas Adams, Year 5 Teacher

BIS Hanoi

BIS Hanoi Primary




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