The K Hospital Trip

On the 23rd July, we went to the Third Department of the K Hospital, to visit and donate things to the children there who are suffering from cancer. We were guided around by the senior doctor and the nurse there.  They introduced, explained and taught us how the machine that our school has raised money to buy works and showed us the process to treat a cancer patient with this machine. They said that the machines meant a lot to them and they are very useful.

We also took some cakes, toys and old clothes with us and decided that we would give these items to the children so that they can have a little party between the rooms, more clothes to wear and more toys to play with. After the sharing, we went to the meeting room and had a talk with the nurse. The nurse told us that the children have a different and difficult life. Many children found that had cancer when it had reached stage 2 or 3 which is very dangerous and in addition to this they suffer because their families are really poor, so they sometimes don't have enough food to eat.

We felt such sympathy for them, and we realised that we, and you too, have better conditions than them.  Because of this we have a responsibility to show our support to them, as we have better luck than them. In addition, we have asked if there is anything else that they need that we can help to buy or donate. They said that there are a lot of things that they do not have, so we hope that next year, for the next donation, we can receive more money from our charity events such as mufti-days and the Tet Fair, to help support these poor children.  Thank you!

Ha Ho, 10B & 

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BIS Hanoi Secondary

BIS Hanoi Secondary

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