Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 26th June

We had our final Parents Evening of the year this week with Year 7 parents having the opportunity to meet with their child’s teachers. It was brilliant to see so many parents in school having positive conversations about targets for next year’s Year 8.

We started a new tradition today with the Inter-house performance. We have traditionally held our Inter-house sports events at the end of each term but felt the weather in June better suited to an indoor activity. It was a well contested morning and congratulations to Saigon for winning with their performance of  a mashup of songs and dance.

It is always a mixed emotion at the end of a school year. There is the excitement of a holiday and the new school year just around the corner but there is also the sadness of students and colleagues leaving to new adventures. We are fortunate in the Secondary Section in that we are only losing Ms Marsden and Ms Hawkins from our outstanding team of teaching staff. They have both made fantastic contributions to the Section in their time here and I look forward to seeing them flourish in their new roles. I also have a feeling that we will see them in this region again at some stage in the future.

While teachers and students are having a well-earned holiday, our admin and support staff will be working hard to prepare the school for next year. Our move into Year 13 and general expansion means that we move into the third floor general classrooms for the first time giving Ms Woolgar some company on the top floor.

Next year is the next big milestone in the development of BIS as in mid-June we will have our first graduation ceremony and watch proudly as our students prepare to start their Higher Education at prestigious universities around the World. The teachers and I can’t wait to get back from our summer adventures to experience this exciting year.

I hope all members of the BIS have an enjoyable summer.

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