Green Week - "Creative Reusing" competition

Show your commitment to saving our planet with "

Creative Reusing

" – take something which would have been thrown away and reuse it to make something else! The most creative idea will be shown in assembly.

Entries to be submitted to your PSC rep or to

Ms Tong/Ms Elliott


9:00 am on Thursday 11th June.

Let's have a look at "Creative Reusing" ideas around us:

Toilet paper rolls for planting seedlings

Toilet paper rolls for planting seedling


Tiny candles from bottle caps

creative-diy-repurposing-reusing-upcycling-2-24Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors

Repurposed-toy-bookshelfAn antique toy truck to hold a collection of kids books

recycle-tire-designrulz-6Reusing tires to flowers plots


Skateboard Turned Into Swings

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