National History Day

National History Day – It’s not just a day; it’s an experience.

• Do you want to compete against over half a million historians from across the globe?
• Do you want to travel for the qualifying round to Jakarta, Indonesia, Seoul, Korea or Shanghai, China?
• Do you want to make it to the final in Washington, DC, USA?
• Do you want expert coaching on using the 8-step research method?
• Do you want to win?

Each year, more than half a million students say yes to these questions. So join BIS Hanoi and participate in this year’s National History Day. In order to qualify you will need to choose a historical topic related to the annual theme and then conduct primary and secondary research. You will then be able to present your work in one of five ways: as a paper, an exhibit, a performance, a documentary, or a web site.

Do you want to know more? If so, why not e-mail Mr. O’Reilly at

or come and speak to him (Break Time – Room S319).

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