Message from Head of Years 11-13

It is a great privilege for me to be able to start working alongside the students in Year 11, 12 and 13. The students in our school are collectively a wonderful group of young people with so much to offer and to be in a position to help them make the most of their opportunities will be a pleasure. In all three year groups the students will face great academic challenges that may seem daunting at times. There are exams, of course, and difficult new topics to grasp. However, the teachers, tutors and Heads of Year here at BIS Hanoi are all here to support them. It will be important for the students to remember that their studies are not the only important part of their time at school, and being involved in as much of school life, through sport, music, International Award, ECAs, Student Council, etc., is just as vital to their wellbeing. It is part of my role to help students make decisions about their future and work towards these futures, support students in their studies and everyday school life, and contribute to their safe school environment. I look forward to working with them, my colleagues here at BIS, and you, their parents, to help these important years run smoothly.

Mr Robert Airdrie, Head of Year 11-13

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