Message from Head of Years 7/8

Just as the students are entering a new phase in their education, I too am excited to be entering a new phase in my teaching development. Taking on a pastoral role has always been an ambition of mine and I am thoroughly looking forward to the new challenges and experiences which await me as Head of Year 7&8.

I worked closely with Year 8 last year, being a Form Tutor to 15 of them and a PE teacher to many of the others. I also had the opportunity to accompany them to Ba Vi on our school trip and know that I will continue to enjoy getting to know them even more throughout this year. For me Year 7 are to be more of a challenge. My previous time with them has been fairly limited and so I have already found myself frantically studying their class photos, desperate to learn their names before the start of term. I hope I am successful!

I look forward to working closely with parents, students and other professionals within the school to ensure the students are making the most of the varied experiences that BIS provides and that we as a school are doing our best for each and every student.

Ms Amy Wild, Head of Year 7/8

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