Primary School Council 2015-2016

Hello! We are the newly elected Primary School Council. Our classes have chosen us to represent them because we are good leaders who are confident to speak in public, can solve problems, are organised and like to listen and share our ideas, but more importantly we are a friendly bunch. We will have a year of representing BIS when we meet outside communities, organising fun events for charities and help with exciting events during the year. Our main aim this year is to help make our school more aware of how we can be environmentally friendly to care for our world. Our names are:

- Charles Birch (2I)

- Dang Dai Duong (2B)

- Amelia Dodds (3I)

- Nguyen Thuy Minh Uyen (3B)

- Magnus McKie (4I)

- Pham Minh An (4B)

- Noah McKie (5I)

- Hoang Yen Phuong (5B)

- Do Ngoc Thien Huong (6I)

- Vuong Dinh Hieu (6B)

Primary School Councillors Years 2 - 6

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