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Geography is a subject that encourages students to apply the theory and knowledge from other academic subjects in different human, physical and environmental contexts, and is excellent at developing a student’s transferrable skills. For example; being able to communicate in a reasoned, balanced and articulate manner, having a keen sense of inquiry about the world around us, being open-minded, caring and principled about different people’s perspectives, and when necessary, having the confidence to take informed risks when dealing with complex issues or problems. These are all highly valued characteristics a well-rounded BIS student should aspire to master, and Geography is continuing to grow rapidly as an enjoyable and worthwhile Option subject at Key Stage 4 and 5. Attaining a qualification in Geography is seen by Universities and post-graduate employers as an asset, allowing students to pursue careers in areas such as; Business, Finance, Environment Planning and Management, Government and Politics, Aid and Charity, Education, Development Strategy, Law, Accounting, Technology and Design, Hazard Management, Scientific Research, United Nations, Journalism, Economics, Counter-terrorism / Crime, Architecture, Tourism.

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The Geography Department

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