ECAs - challenging, exciting and inspiring activities

This week, students attended extracurricular activities (ECAs) for the first time in this academic year. This term, we have over 90 activities on offer and students can take part in either one, two or three activities per week. This term we have a total of over 1030 activities being undertaken.

Students have the opportunity to apply themselves to a broad range of activities that are challenging, exciting and inspiring. Students can take part in Sports, Aquatics, Games, Languages, Arts, Academic or Creative activities.

At BIS Hanoi, we aim to move away from the notion of ECAs being a childcare operation. We provide opportunities for enrichment, academic improvement, social development and leadership, and furthermore, all activities draw links to our Aide Memoire, whether it is acting with integrity during a lunchtime programme or persevering to succeed in a competitive sporting activity.

Mr. Mark Atkinson, ECA Programme Coordinator










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