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Mr Anthony Rowlands Weekly Update 25th September

It has been wonderful to see our

Extra Curricular Activities

(ECA) Programme commence this week. Mr Atkinson, with support from Ms Diep, has really worked hard to ensure that we are delivering a quality ECA programme for our students. All our teaching staff and teaching assistants are involved in the programe and offer a great variety of activities for our students to experience. Additionally, we do bring in some other specialists to enhance the programme. Our CHQ online registration system, which we started to use last year, has also been a great asset in the development of our ECA programme by making registration easier and certainly more efficient. Mr Atkinson informs that:

-   We are now offering  more than 90 activities
-   176 students take  one activity
-   220 students take two activities
-   138 students take three activities

We can certainly be proud of what we have achieved with our ECA Programme over the last three years.



I am also pleased to inform you that our Instrumental music programme is also flourishing with a large number of students learning to play a musical instrument. We are now offering lessons in:

-   Guitar
-   Violin
-   Cello
-   Saxophone
-   Flute
-   Clarinet
-   Percussion/Drums
-   Piano/Keyboards


Over the last three years we have seen the standard of our musical performances get better and better. We now have small orchestras and bands consistently playing in various musical situations. I am also pleased that the school has now purchased a baby grand piano which was used in the Secondary assembly by Ms Rea for the first time last week. Ms Rea was accompanying two of our talented musicians - Choi Min Kyoung playing the Violin and Kim Ga Hyeon playing the Oboe and both girls played beautifully.



I do hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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