Ms Sue Hill Weekly Update 25th September

Our Primary Student Leaders

Student voice is very important to us at BIS Hanoi. A couple of weeks ago, our Student Council was elected and representatives from Year 2 to Year 6 were selected by their peers. Then the task fell to Mr. Rowlands and me to select the House Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects from the Year 6 applicants. Each candidate was interviewed for the three positions and asked such challenging questions as what characteristics they possessed which made them ideal candidates for the role. I am certain that we have some very strong leaders for the year ahead and was very impressed with the confidence and conduct of our Year 6 pupils. Our leaders for this year have some excellent ideas and I look forward to seeing some of them developed as the year progresses.
I am delighted to congratulate the following students:

House Captains


Ngoc for Saigon, Nhi for Hanoi, Nam An for Dalat and Duc Minh for Hue

Vice Captains:

Song Tung for Saigon, Robert for Hanoi, Lania for Dalat and Tien Thinh for Hue


Minh Anh, Thai Uyen, Gia Phuc, Linh Dan, Minh Quang, Grace, and Nam Anh

BIS Hanoi - Primary

BIS Hanoi - Primary

BIS Hanoi - Primary

BIS Hanoi - Primary

Moon Festival

What a lively, colourful performance for this year’s Moon Festival assembly! Thank you to all our Vietnamese teachers and teaching assistants who have worked incredibly hard over the past few weeks to co-ordinate a super celebration. All members of our Primary community, our very youngest being just 2 years of age, performed either a song or dance.

BIS Hanoi - Primary

BIS Hanoi - Primary

BIS Hanoi - Primary

BIS Hanoi - Primary


Congratulation to our fine diners this week:

Lee Hye Jun 3I

Pham Minh An 4B

Vu Khanh Trang 4B

Lee Hye In 5I

Yun Ji Seong 6I

Jeon In Ho 6I

BIS Hanoi Primary

Ms Sue Hill, Head of Primary

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