Message from English Subject Leader

At the end of last academic year the English department and all of BIS Hanoi were sad to have to say goodbye to Ms Marsden, who has now returned to teaching in the UK. However, sadness over departures also brought happiness over new arrivals. This year in the department, we have been joined by Ms Leeper and Mr Spall, who bring their love of Language and Literature as well as their diverse international experiences to the English classroom.

Alongside new members of staff, BIS Hanoi has also seen our first venture into AS English Language as well as its first year 11 cohort take their IGCSEs: a tense and exciting time for students and staff alike. It was wonderful to see so many of our students doing so well. Congratulations to all of you! A number of you have now gone on to A-Level English in either Language or Literature, which I know myself, Mrs Witton and Mr Glossop are so pleased to see.

This is a very exciting time for us in the English department: new staff, strong IGCSE results, A-Level Literature for the first time ever and if it that was not enough, we have Mr. Glossop to entice us all with Book Week  later this term. In the meantime, to whet your appetite, embrace the English department’s attitude to firsts: pick up a novel by an author you have never read before or select a genre you have never tried before. If you do, who knows what you might discover about yourself or the world?

Ms Claire Lingwood

Secondary English Leader

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