Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 4th September

I hope you enjoyed reading the introductions from our new Heads of Year on the HUB last week. They play a vital part in support tutors and teachers to ensure students are supported and challenged academically and in their wider development.

This is a role Ms Witton and Mr Byrne did previously and they have moved into new positions supporting me, HOY and other staff as we grow, both in terms of student numbers and subjects we offer. They have taken some of my functions so parents may find themselves dealing with them whereas you had previously dealt with me. This makes things more efficient as we grow but I will always be available to meet with parents should they wish.

We have been practising our lockdown procedure this week. As you know we regularly practice evacuating the building in case of a fire but there are some incidents where it is better to stay in classrooms, for example severe weather. In both cases we want students and staff to be comfortable performing either drill in the unlikely event that we need to use them for real.

Mr Christopher Short, Head of Secondary

Lock down BIS Hanoi

lock down BIS Hanoi

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