Mr Anthony Rowlands Weekly Update 4th September

On Wednesday, 19th August it was a privilege to host a training day at BIS Hanoi for our teachers and the teaching staff from BVIS Hanoi. The training was provided by Sir John Jones who is a hugely respected educationalist from the UK.  Knighted for his services to education in 2003 Sir John astounded our teachers throughout the day showing that teaching and learning was about:

-     Courage
-     Caring
-     Creativity
-     Curiosity
-     Coaching
-     Communication
-     Collaboration
-     Contentment

It was a great professional experience for us all at BIS and BVIS Hanoi.



BIS Hanoi has made great strides in supporting Community and Charity projects during the last few years. This year we will make even greater strides as we have appointed Mr. Kevin Halpin as our Community Service Officer and he will work with the school on developing further community projects. This is a very important area for BIS Hanoi and further information can be found



Student Coucil

Vietnam National Day was on the Wednesday of this week and it was an absolute pleasure to be out and about in Hanoi on this day. To be able to share the joy and celebration that Vietnamese people feel on this day was indeed a great honour. Indeed 70 years of independence was celebrated with style in Vietnam.


Wishing you all  a very pleasant weekend.

Mr. Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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