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Ms Sue Hill Weekly Update 4th September

The sorting hat arrives at BIS Hanoi!


What an amazing assembly today as Professor Rowlands and I took to the stage, in our special wizard and witches gowns, and faced a sea of colour: red, yellow, blue and green. In the four quadrants of the auditorium, the students who were here at BIS last year were already seated in their house teams: Dalat, Hanoi, Saigon and Hue. New students eagerly awaited the selection process at the back of the room. The auditorium darkened and the music began; the sorting hat started to spring into life busily selecting a new house for every new student and member of staff.

As photos of the new students appeared they ran forward to the applause of the audience and excitedly collected their house t-shirt. They returned to their new house and were greeted by fellow team members.
As the assembly came to an end and the selection process was complete, one thing was for sure…this is the beginning of another super year at BIS!

Meet the Teacher

There will be an opportunity for all parents to meet their child’s class teachers over the next two weeks. The information sessions will take place between 3pm and 4pm on the following dates:

-    September 8th for Year 5 and Year 6 parents
-    September 16th for Year 3 and Year 4 parents
-    September 17th for Year 1 and Year 2 parents

Teachers will deliver a presentation about routines, proposed trips, homework and the curriculum. Following the presentation, there will be a chance for parents to introduce themselves to the class teacher and share information about how their child has settled.

I look forward to introducing myself to parents during these sessions.

Ms Sue Hill, Head of Primary













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