Parent Satisfaction Survey Summary 2015

Key Summary of Findings

Dear Parents

Before the summer holiday you were asked to complete a questionnaire which gave the opportunity for you to tell us how well you think the school is doing and to indicate areas of school life where you think we can improve. The questionnaire was part of our commitment to constantly review the education that we provide in order to ensure it is as good as it possibly can be for your children. To ensure confidentiality, the analysis of the questionnaires was completed by a UK company who have now returned the results to the school.

Overall Level of Satisfaction with the School

I am delighted to inform you that the overall satisfaction level of BIS parents was

very good.

Strengths – more than 90% of parents were satisfied with the following areas of school life:

-     Classrooms
-     Students receive a high quality education from the school.
-     The school’s high academic standards and expectations.
-     Students are making good progress and are happy at school.
-     The school provides a good learning environment.
-     The opportunity to participate in a wide range of beyond the classroom activities and sports.
-     The school promotes healthy lifestyles.
-     Good relationships between students  and teachers
-     Children are treated with respect by teachers and are developing good manners.
-     The school keeps parents informed about the children’s academic progress.
-     Parents are encouraged to be involved in children’s education.
-     There are good relationships between teachers and parents.
-     The good service and attention received from administrative and reception staff.
-     Communication about changes and updates to key school policies and decisions.
-     Look and Feel of school Buildings and sports/performing arts  facilities

 Areas for improvement

The areas of school life that parents were least satisfied with were:

-     Students need to be  challenged more
-     School Buses
-     School meals

I am grateful to those parents who found the time to complete the questionnaire. The areas for improvement will be included in the next school development plan.

Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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