Secondary History at BIS Ha Noi

The History Department continues to expand and it has been a year of success. The IGCSE History students all achieved A grades on their history examination with 80% receiving an A*. This is well above the world average and is a clear indication that British International School students are amongst the best in the world. I would like to extend congratulations to them.

The success of our department is supplemented by the great work of our History Club and this year our students have been outstanding in many ways. Firstly, pupils have been busy organizing, advertising and running Lunchtime Lectures. The Lunchtime Lectures asked students and teachers to develop and present a lecture at lunchtime on a topic they loved. They had to deliver it in 15 minutes to fellow students and staff. These events were even more successful than we anticipated with over 100 attendees on occasion. The accomplishment of these events was testimony to the commitment of our staff and pupils at British International School. Most of all, they were great fun to watch.


In addition, students wanted to carry on enhancing the ethos of British International School and share their love of history with the wider community. They decided to run TED talk events and in doing so, continued to demonstrate that BIS students are the best in the world. The History Club personally selected their 10 best TED talks for History Lovers. They formed a discussion group about the issues that each TED talk raised and created an academic group for our community. One brilliant addition to this was the amount of teachers that attended the events and we hope this event continues to grow this year.

In History, we continue to run our varied and academically challenging competitions for students and have recently completed a writing competition called History Fiction. Furthermore, our students were at the forefront of our recent Remembrance Day Commemorations and it was excellent to see that they were invited to meet the members from the British Consulate last term. Within the wider community, our students continue to work with the Anne Frank Trust and have connected with the Dutch and Israeli Embassies again this year. They have recently been invited to attend the recital of Dr. Amit Weiner, classical composer and pianist, who specializes in performing Jewish music written during the Holocaust. We very much look forward to this.


In all, it was a great first term for the History Department, its students and the wider British International School community. We continue to grow and empower our students to have a broader view of the world through creating connections not only within the whole school community but also with citizens of other countries. We look forward to continuing this trend and progressing further this year.

Mr. Andrew O'Reilly - History Leader

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