Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 29.01.2016

Today is the culmination of our International Week. I am very grateful to Mr Duckett for coordinating an excellent week that fits well with our ongoing activities. Thanks are also due to Ms Stevenson, Mr Atkinson and the students going to Tanzania for their mammoth swim to raise money for their community projects while in Africa.

I am in the UK recruiting not only on behalf of BIS Hanoi but also for our sister school, BIS HCMC (When I arrived in London it was 5 degrees warmer than Hanoi when I left!). I really enjoy the interview process as you get to meet so many passionate teachers and share ideas. I also really enjoy discussing with these staff about the joys of living in Vietnam. They often ask which is my favourite city in Vietnam which is always challenging when I’m interviewing for HCMC! BIS Hanoi and HCMC attracts so many good candidates that the discussion is always highly stimulating, in fact the only downside is having to make a difficult decision from amongst a strong group of applicants.

It's always funny being away from school but I do find it very satisfying to follow a few days at school from a distance. It is amazing to see all the things going on at school from an outside perspective. It is the closest I can get to understanding the excitement parents must have as they read HUB articles, twitter feeds and facebook posts on everything that we do through a typical week (do we ever have a typical week!).

We welcomed Christopher Massey from Julliard to BIS last week. He enjoyed seeing the facilities we have for Performing Arts and had a very useful set of meetings with our Performing Arts staff and SLT about the introduction of the Julliard curriculum in the near future.

BIS Secondary

As you read this on Friday I will be visiting Dormer’s Wells High School in London. I always enjoy visiting great schools in the UK as they add to our ability to ensure we are always up to date with what is happening in the UK. I’ll write fuller about my visit in next week's HUB article.

Mr Christopher Short, Head of Secondary

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