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  • British International School Secondary Year 8 Mai Chau Trip
  • British International School Secondary Year 8 Mai Chau Trip
  • British International School Secondary Year 8 Mai Chau Trip
  • BIS Secondary Year 9 Sapa Expedition
  • BIS Secondary Year 9 Sapa Expedition
  • British International School Secondary Year 10&11 Dalat Trip
  • BIS Hanoi Year 7 Trip

Dear Parents

I have had great fun this week being back in the classroom as a teacher. Whilst our PE team have been leading the Year 7-10 school trips, Mr Rowlands and myself have been covering whole school PE from Year 1 to Year 13. Teaching primary and secondary children in the same week was an enriching learning experience for me. Firstly, it emphasised how our core values like care, respect and perseverance are relevant to all children no matter how old they are. Secondly, it was hugely energising. There is something magical about the enthusiasm and joy children display when they are running, jumping and hopping about the place. It is infectious!

International Baccalaureate Options Week

Elsewhere in the school, Mrs Vaughan, Assistant Head,  and Mrs Fairbairn, our Guidance Counselor, challenged our Year 11 students to embrace the joy of learning new skills during our IB option events. The International Baccalaureate is the premier high school qualification because the world’s best universities know that it nurtures a love for learning that can last a lifetime. It is a challenging qualification and many American universities acknowledge this by offering IB graduates first year credits. This can make a big difference to reducing the cost of tuition fees.

The challenge of the IB is one we take seriously. Our promise as a school is to offer the best levels of support so that each student reaches their potential. Our sister school in Ho Chi Minh City and my previous school in Europe consistently supported children like yours to excel in the IB programme. The lessons we have learned over the years will be applied to make sure that we do not let your children down. We cannot guarantee a specific points score for your child but our experience can guarantee that your child will receive the same high levels of support that has empowered the children we have worked with in the past to excel in the IB.

Progress Check Tests (PCTs)

One of the key features of the success described above was regular review of work. We encourage all of our Year 10 and Year 12 students to revise for their PCTs, which will take place in the week beginning Monday 31 October 2016. We would recommend a minimum of 8-10 hours over the half-term break. Enjoy the holiday!

Tim Webb, Head of Secondary

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