Our Principal's news from the Shamba Kipara Camp, Tanzania

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I am writing my Hub today from the Shamba Kipara Camp in Tanzania. This camp is owned by Nord Anglia Education and I am here to attend a Senior Leadership Conference. It is a wonderful location and is the very camp a group of our students and staff visited last year. Further groups of students and staff will visit here in the next few years. The conference has been an opportunity for me to liaise with NAE colleagues and is a great learning experience. We carried out community work on Tuesday at a local school that the camp is supporting. We built, in total, 16 desks for a classroom to, hopefully, improve the children's learning experience.

It has really been a privilege to participate in the very same activities that our students experienced when they attended this camp. I am looking forward to being back in school next week and I do hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal


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