Mr Anthony Rowlands Weekly Update 07.10.2016

  • Interview House Captain and Vice House Cap 1
  • Interview House Captain and Vice House Cap 2
  • Interview House Captain and Vice House Cap 3
  • Interview House Captain and Vice House Cap 4
  • British International School Hanoi - Book Week
  • Ciaran Murtagh 1
  • Book Week 1
  • British International School Hanoi - Book Week
  • Book Week 4
  • Principal - Dress Up
  • Book Week 5
  • British International School Hanoi - Book Week
  • British International School Hanoi Secondary
  • Book Week 7

Last week, I was extremely  privileged to be involved with  interviewing  students  from the Primary school for leadership roles. With Ms Hill I interviewed Year 6 students for House Captain and Vice House Captain roles. The students hugely impressed me with their thoughts and ideas on how to improve the school and be positive leaders. Making a decision about who was successful on this occasion was very difficult and each of the candidates did extremely well to achieve an interview. Congratulations to the following for being selected for the following roles:

A film could well have been created at BIS Hanoi today (Friday) titled ‘The Invasion of the Superheroes’. A myriad of Superheroes flooded through the school gates and off the school buses. Surely there could not have been so many superheroes in one place at one time and the Guinness Book of Records have been contacted! The invasion continued at the end of the Secondary Assembly when a Superhero flash mob appeared, much to the amazement of Secondary students and staff. Of course, this was all to celebrate the end of a wonderful Book Week. Reading is so important to us all and a vital aspect of a child’s development and we have certainly focused on books and reading this week. Well done to all concerned with organising Book Week and the two wonderful assemblies this morning. In particular, I would like to thank Ms Alice Cust Hughes in Primary and Ms Charlotte Evans in Secondary.

Finally for this week, a big thank you our two special visitors:

  • Ciaran Murtagh - A renowned  children’s author who did such splendid work with our students in celebrating Book Week

  • Paul Murphy - A renowned Juilliard School musician and teacher who will be working with us regularly in the coming year to implement the BIS/Juilliard music programme.

I do hope that you have a wonderful weekend and watch out for those superheroes as they are everywhere!

Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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