Mr Anthony Rowlands Weekly Update 11.11

  • BBGV Fun Run 2016 - 1
  • BBGV Fun Run 2016 - 2
  • BBGV Fun Run 2016 - 3
  • BBGV Fun Run 2016 - 4
  • BBGV Fun Run 2016 - 5
  • Under 15 FOBISIA Kathmandu

It was wonderful to experience such a positive  feeling from the BIS community at last Sunday's BBGV Fun Run. There was lots of laughter, smiles, photographs, running, walking  and pure enjoyment. I was due to go to a FOBISIA Conference in Bangkok on Friday but delayed it until Sunday afternoon due to the participation of BIS staff, students and parents along with the fact that I am a BBGV Board member. I am so glad that I stayed in order to enjoy such a positive experience. 

I did attend the FOBISIA Heads Business Meeting on Monday and it was a very valuable opportunity as a lot of important decisions were made in order to help the Federation develop further. It was also good to meet colleagues from various British schools across Asia to share experiences and viewpoints. It is a great federation to be a part of as it gives countless opportunities to the school. One example is the FOBISIA Games and our Under 15 team are currently in Kathmandu competing in our first Games.

We have a lot to look forward to next week with International Week on the horizon. It promises to be an exciting and enjoyable week when we celebrate Internationalism within the school. The week will culminate with our International Festival on Saturday, 19th November which promises to be an outstanding event with quality contributions from staff, students and parents.  

I do hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal


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