15 March, 2024

Exploring the wonders of science: Science week at BIS Hanoi

BIS Hanoi Science Assembly Science Week 2024
From unravelling the mysteries of DNA to delving into the principles of pendulum motion, students across different year groups engaged in a variety of captivating activities during Science week.

In Year 7, budding scientists embarked on an enlightening journey into the realm of genetics as they delved into the intricate world of DNA. Through hands-on experiments and interactive sessions, they unravelled the structure of DNA molecules and gained a deeper understanding of how genetic information shapes life. 

Meanwhile, Year 8 students took on the challenge of investigating pendulum motion and mastering the art of time measurement. With precision and curiosity, they explored the factors influencing pendulum swings and honed their skills in accurately measuring time intervals—a fundamental aspect of scientific inquiry. 

In a display of scientific prowess and leadership, Year 12 students took centre stage by hosting a captivating science assembly. They enthralled primary students with awe-inspiring experiments, captivating demonstrations, and engaging discussions. Through their enthusiasm and expertise, they ignited a spark of curiosity and passion for science among their younger peers. 

Science Week at BIS Hanoi was not just a celebration of scientific knowledge but also a testament to the school's commitment to fostering a culture of curiosity, inquiry, and innovation. It provided students with invaluable opportunities to explore, experiment, and engage with the wonders of science, laying the foundation for a future generation of scientific leaders and innovators.