05 April, 2024

Our students shine at Nord Anglia Southeast Asia Performing Arts Festival 2024

Nord Anglia performing arts SEA festival 2024
BIS Hanoi's Performing Arts students participated in the Nord Anglia Southeast Asia Performing Arts festival in Kuala Lumpur from March 28th to April 1st.

From Orchestra to Drama, Jazz, Choir, and Dance, our students immersed themselves in their craft. Hours of rehearsals didn't just refine their skills but also fostered bonds with peers across the region, creating lifelong friendships and cultural exchanges within our Nord Anglia family. 

During the trip, Leo, a Year 10 student, explored Jazz, a new and unexpected genre of music to him. Another Year 10 student, Mai Chi, expressed her passion for Drama with others. One of our Year 12s, Kylie, said she had fun performing and learning about Malaysian traditional music. Seokjoo, also from Year 12, broadened his musical horizons with the Orchestra. For Thuy Linh (Year 10), dance rehearsals were about connection. She enjoyed making friends with people from different schools, nationalities and ages! She particularly liked learning choreography using lights.

The culminating concert on Saturday showcased their dedication, talent and passion for the arts. Memories of unity, talent, and cultural exchange lingered, highlighting the invaluable opportunities for personal growth.

At BIS Hanoi, our performing arts programme isn't just about performances — they're about personal development and cultural appreciation. Through exploration and collaboration, students build essential skills and bridges across cultures. This immersive experience nurtures a love for the arts and equips students to thrive as global citizens.  

Being part of the Nord Anglia family provides unique opportunities for BIS Hanoi students to shine at events like the Southeast Asia Performing Arts festival. These experiences not only showcase their talents but also boost their confidence as they perform alongside peers from around the world. Through collaboration, students hone their artistic abilities and emerge as confident, culturally aware individuals ready to make their mark on the world stage.