Welcome to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

  • British International School Hanoi learning adventure IB
  • British International School Hanoi learning adventure IB
  • British International School Hanoi learning adventure IB
  • British International School Hanoi learning adventure IB

Welcome to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme time on the Hub.  

BIS Hanoi launched the Diploma Programme (DP) in August 2016 with forty five students.  With a new education programme it is only right that we also welcome five new students, from Ho Chi Minh and from America. They have settled well and are enjoying their IB experience at our school.  

It has been an exciting start to the Diploma Programme. Our students have chosen subjects that excite them and I am pleased that our Arts strand has been popular.  Combined with Juilliard our Diploma Programme music offering has the potential to be world class. BIS Hanoi also have some budding film-makers and I am looking forward to seeing their work later this year. We have also been privileged to have our first bilingual Diploma entries this year, with French/English and English/Vietnamese. Next year I hope we will have many more students ready for the bilingual challenge.  

In recent weeks our DP students have been choosing their Extended Essay titles and the range of titles is superb. Our students will be investigating topics such as “Is graffiti art or vandalism?”, “How does physics help improve the sound quality of a guitar?” and an investigation into the mood changing properties of music. The Extended Essay ignites the passion of students and allows them a taste of what life in university will be all about. 

Of course, the DP is not just about academic studying, there is also CAS which allows our students to fully explore their creativity and give generously to their community. I am very proud of our students this year as they have learnt how to teach English as a Foreign Language. They have used this skill to teach English to those members of our school community who would not otherwise have the chance to take private lessons.   Our students are also working with the students of KOTO in order to raise self esteem, learn personal financial management and go on a learning journey with KOTO students that will enrich both sets of students lives. This is an incredible experience for those students taking part.  

Whilst there is much more to write about, I would like to finish with a quote from one of our IB DP students Emily:  

'I have only been in the diploma program for 3 months yet I already feel like I have grown so much. My beliefs and myself as a knower constantly find ourselves being challenged. After each lesson you actually feel yourself stretched in all directions to the limit of your ability, and day by day that limit is extended - until you find yourself doing something which you once believed was impossible. The challenging breadth of all 6 subjects might seem all intimidating, and you might find yourself wondering how on earth you would embrace 'The 5 principles of Existentialism', yet you would end up knowing more about these subjects than average adults do! The IBDP sets you apart as young but utterly competent - you will flourish academically and socially, as individuals and advanced thinkers in all walks of life. The mantra at the end of the day is - 'I think, therefore IB!' ' [sic]

Thank you

Mrs Diane Vaughan, Assistant Head Curriculum & IB Coordinator


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