KS2 House Sports - Handball

On Thursday, Key Stage 2 students took part in their second House Sports event of the academic year. This term, students competed in a round-robin Handball tournament. Handball is an invasion type game which requires students to pass, create and exploit space and ultimately score goals by successfully shooting into the opposing team’s goal. An incredible 145 goals were scored on the day and the overall winners were Hue, narrowly beating Hanoi on goal difference! This term’s Sportsmanship Award winners are Duc Minh (6B), Tung Lam (6I), Son Tung (6I), Duc Hung (4B), Hoang Lam (4B) and Harry (3I). Congratulations to all who took part.

Mr. Mark Atkinson, ECA Programme Coordinator

BIS Hanoi Primary BIS Hanoi Primary BIS Hanoi PrimaryDSC_6950 DSC_6960 DSC_6963

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