“From Candygrams to Dragons’ Dens”

Enterprise, raising capital, marketing and corporate social responsibility have all been in abundance this year with a range of activities to support the learning of Business Studies in the classroom. The students have successfully financed and run their school shop “BIShop” stocking an ever widening range of stationery and gifts for students to purchase. They contributed a large proportion of their profits to good causes and are set to move to new premises next year. The Dragon’s Den winners have helped market the school to new parents and Valentine’s Day was not missed as a selling opportunity, when ‘candygrams’ were sent by students to their friends.

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Behind the headlines, students continue to work toward their IGCSE and A level grades and the mock examinations showed plenty of potential but also some of areas for improvement. The subject continues to hold great interest with students and the numbers of Y9 students who have opted for it as a IGCSE choice are very encouraging. Y13 students are winning places at universities worldwide and carrying on their study of business in many cases.

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Grant Wolstenholme - Business Studies Leader 

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