Sign up for the BIS IGCSE Geography Rivers Trip

  • National Park Ba Vi


Students who are taking IGCSE next year, and those already doing so in Year 10.


Ba Vi National Park, Ba Vi Homestead


8.45am Saturday 19th until 1-2pm Sunday 20th March 2016


You will be studying and measuring the features of different parts of a river and seeing if your data matches your predictions about how the river should change along its course.


The aims for the trip are to give you a taster for IGCSE Geography, learn new fieldwork skills, develop your communication and teamwork, as well as other geographical skills such as analysis and using ICT with Geography.

COST = approximately 1,200,000VND per person (includes food, transport, accommodation, equipment etc.)


The Geography of the Trip…




  • Creating and testing hypotheses by measuring the geometry of the river

  • Learning new field experiments and presentation skills, as well as understanding the formation of geomorphological features

  • Investigating how human activity has can affect river environments




Let’s hear from other students and university teachers why fieldwork is important:





Your next steps








- Write your name and form on the sign-up sheet to show that you want to go on the trip


- Mr Schofield will send information of the trip, attendance confirmation and payment request form via CHQ to your parents. THESE MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO GO - deadline; Friday 4th March 2016.

Attend the pre-trip meeting once your parents' have paid and confirmed your attendance (time and date to be confirmed) to find out what you need to bring with you and other important information.


- Check the weather, pack a bag with appropriate amount clothing and equipment. WE only go for 2 days, not a week!


– and be envied by the rest of the year group!

Jim Schofield, Geography Subject Leader

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