BIS Primary Superhero Competition!

Over the last couple of weeks, the Primary children at BIS have been taking part in an exciting competition! Their mission was to design a superhero that could represent one of the characteristics in our Aide Memoire: Enquiry, Respect, Caring, Integrity, Reflection and Perseverance.

We received many, many different designs and it was very difficult to choose the winners. However, we had to decide and today the winners were announced in the EYC/ KS1 and KS2 assemblies.

These are the winners of the BIS Primary Superhero Competition:

- Min Kyo in 1B who designed a superhero for enquiry.
- Hyun Seo in 2I who designed a superhero for caring.
- Amelia in 3I who designed a superhero for perseverance.
- Allen in 4B who designed a superhero for respect.
- Linh Nhi in 6B who designed a superhero for reflection.
- Minh Anh in 6I who designed a superhero for integrity.

A huge well done to all of these winners. But the hard work doesn’t stop there… very soon these children will be meeting with our graphic designer to create a cartoon version of their design. This will be used all over the BIS Primary School!

Watch this space for more information very soon.

Alice Cust-Hughes, Year 2 Teacher, Primary PSHE Leader

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