How did BIS Secondary Science week go?

Science week here at BIS has been packed with an assortment of activities before the Friday science assembly crescendo. Early in the week, students in year 7 and 8 competed in an interhouse science competition in which a wide breadth of their scientific knowledge was examined in a number of quizzes. On Wednesday, it was the turn of the year 9s to get their lab coats on and they spent the morning working through a number of experiments and applying their skills to deduce the solutions to various problems. The science corridor felt like it was teaming with research scientists all morning and the year 9 students applied themselves commendably. Meanwhile, the year 10 students were rehearsing the ‘Periodic Table Song’ which they sang on Friday morning at the start of the science assembly. The assembly was packed with a showcase of exciting experiments and demonstrations with Mr Duckett modelling the propagation of waves before being joined by Mr Mortimer on stage, who boldly lay on a bed of nails under the weight of firstly some primary school students followed by the slightly larger mass of Mr Short. Fortunately, he has lived to tell the tale. Ms Orchard then showed some examples of colour changes in Chemistry including rather spectacularly conjuring a variety of different liquids all seemingly poured from the same bottle. That just left time for Mr Dunwell and Mr Westropp to wind down proceedings with a couple of modest explosions which were well received by an audience of both Secondary and Primary students.
We hope that the week’s activities served to excite the scientific minds of our students. As science teachers, we have certainly enjoyed the opportunity to showcase some of the wonders of science.

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