Life Project for Youth (LP4Y)

On Saturday the 12th, BIS’s most devoted students of the Charities and Communities ECA visited the centre of Life Project for Youth (LP4Y) to see how the charity helps disadvantaged youths in Hanoi. We had met members from LP4Y when they visited our school and this was our chance to visit them!

We arrived at the centre at 10:00 and proceeded to engage in some activities with the members of LP4Y. We divided ourselves into small groups and played games so that everyone got to know each other better. After that, we got to see the “graduation” ceremony of 2 people who had completed their first step in the training programme. We were very honored to witness the achievement of this important milestone. Finally, we split into small groups and helped a member of LP4Y improve their English and computer skills. Each group presented their work at the end of the morning and we were impressed with what everyone produced! We had a lovely morning with LP4Y and look forward to visiting again.

 Minh Anh, Thuy Linh and Phuong Nhi (Year 12)

Members of the Charities and Communities ECA

6 5
4 3

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