Mr Anthony Rowlands Weekly Update 25th March

It was my great pleasure to be able to take the weekly Secondary Assembly this morning. The theme of the assembly was ‘Be Ambitious’ which aimed at celebrating the success of BIS Hanoi in the recent NAE ‘Be Ambitious Challenge’. As reported, a few weeks ago four of our Secondary boys (Magnus McKie, Tae Hwan Kim and Lachlan Lao) won the NAE overall award for a video they produced for the challenge. The video was shown in the assembly and the boys were congratulated for their great achievement. I also highlighted several areas of the school where our students are being ambitious for themselves:

-   All the students undertaking the various levels of the


were highlighted. I particularly focused on the 4 students who are undertaking the Gold level of the award, a part of which is their forthcoming trip to Korea.
-   Our students are ambitious in


and I highlighted our recent success at the NAE Global Games in Hong Kong along with the ambitions of our KS4 Football team at a tournament at UNIS tomorrow.
-   The Secondary


of ‘West Side Story’ will be performed in our Auditorium next week by a group of 80 students and Khanh (Y12) and Jinny (Y9) performed a song from the show along with our talented band – What Ambition!
-   A Primary student showed his ambition participating in ‘


’, which is an online Maths programme in which our Primary students participate. Nguyen Vu Gia Hien (Y5)  has shown great ambition by climbing to the position of 8


in  the world rankings for this programme!
-   Students being ambitious in their


studies and, in particular, the forthcoming IGCSE and A Level examinations.

We are a very ambitious school and that is clear in the challenges that we take on and in the day to day life of the school.

Have a wonderful weekend and  let’s all continue to ‘Be Ambitious’!

Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal






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