Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 01/04/2016

It was great to see so many parents and supporters of the school at the first night of our production yesterday night. We’re really looking forward to the final performance tonight. The staff and students have put such a huge amount of effort into West Side Story and it is brilliant to see it all coming together so well. You can see why the top universities like to see participation in school events such as plays and musicals from their applicants. The transferable skills involved are immense and include teamwork, working to deadlines, dealing with stress and focusing on producing the highest quality possible.







Photo credit: Quoc Huy

Our expedition to


returns to Hanoi tomorrow. The photos and comments they have sent back have been marvelous. I am really looking forward to hearing the more detailed stories of their adventures on safari and in their community service and other activities.

Our new University and Guidance Counselor was in school this week to meet with our staff. Ms Fairbairn is currently in Singapore representing the school at a regional Counselling. She is looking forward to working with our students, parents and staff from August.

The DoEIA Bronze qualifying expedition is off this weekend, more new in next week’s newsletter.

Mr Christopher Short, Head of Secondary

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