Secondary Art in BIS Hanoi

Throughout term two year 11, 12 and 13 have worked extremely hard to prepare for their Art and Design exam. The preparation work includes observational drawings, artist research, development of ideas, written evaluations and critical thinking. It takes students at least six weeks to complete preparation work and it is worth 80% of the total exam marks. Year 11 have just completed the 8 hour exam, they worked in exam conditions unaided, and this part of the exam is worth the remaining 20% of marks. Next week year 12 and 13 will be sitting their 15 hour exam and we are expecting top grades that are well deserved.


art 5


Art 4

Art 3


This week Mr Halpin the community officer has encouraged KS3 students to use the new BIS Hanoi garden as a resource for their landscape and natural forms project. In addition to learning about line, shape, texture in their drawings students have experienced cross curricular skills and knowledge. Mr Halpin discussed with students, the various herbs and vegetables, answering questions and helping students to learn more about the useful properties and benefits of each plant. Some students decided to exchange their pencils for trowels and watering cans and were allowed to do so. Their drawings and knowledge will be used to produce larger colourful art works in the classroom.

art 8

art 10

Allison Cargill – Art Teacher.

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