Examination Tips from the Geography Department

  • British International School Secondary School


– choose a quiet room, listen to low volume classical music and use a strategy like mind maps, condensing notes onto flashcards, or using an online tool like Brainscape to structure your revision.


– make sure you tackle the difficult topics first, then you will see how they link to the ones you already know better.


– make sure you eat low-release energy food for breakfast and lunch during exam times, like muesli, bananas, fresh fruit juice, vegetables and oily fish like mackerel or salmon. Seeds and nuts are also good snacks. Green teas and water are also perfect. Avoid fast food, snacks and fizzy drinks and caffeine – they will make you tired at the wrong time!


– don’t stay up cramming your study all night. Take regular breaks and get around 8 hours sleep per night.


Good Luck!
Geography Department

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